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Sample Video Clips Below

125 Videos - We have individual videos of each of the 125 cocktails taught in our schools listed separately and by chapter. The exact same cocktails and recipes are taught to our professional bartenders. More videos are being added regularly.

200 Photos - All 200 cocktails in our textbook have been prepared with real ingredients and professionally photographed in the correct glass with real garnishes. This allows you to see exactly how the cocktail should look.

11 Lessons - The lessons online follow our professional mixology textbook to make studying and review easy for our students in class. The public now has access to the same information. All the cocktail lessons, garnishes, bar setup, equipment, glassware, free pouring and more.

Bartending Flair - Our complete online bartending flair school is being added now. The bartending course includes basic flair tricks professionally filmed and edited with plenty of slow motion at no additional charge.

Bartending Games - We have had interactive games designed in Flash that allow our online bartending course users to have fun while learning call brands, alcohols, liqueurs and garnishes. More interactive modules are being produced.

Live Telephone and Chat Support
We offer live telephone, chat and email support during business hours. You can call us and speak to an instructor who can answer your questions about drinks, methods, etc. Technical issues are seldom a problem with our online bartending school as we use Adobe Flash and our site is compatible with, MacIntosh, Windows and Linux.